Karen Farbridge

Karen Farbridge (Northern Village)

Branding, Social Media Management, Website Redesign, Research


Karen Farbridge is the former Mayor of Guelph, Ontario, and is a brilliant consultant who works with several levels of government and community leaders to create Energy Conscious Cities. These plans act as working documents to reduce carbon emissions over time in a given community. Karen needed a brand for her concept of the Energy Conscious City, so I used the graphics from her consultancy logo to create a graphic that linked her business to her visionary concept. I then developed a Content Strategy for her, so the concept could become the foundation on which an online community could be built.

Karen Farbridge New Homepage Design

Karen Farbridge writes Blog Posts for her website, and now that there is a visual identity for her Energy Conscious City project, there will be a unifying visual brand for her work in this area. This strengthens her message across her social media platforms. Should Karen wish to write a book, she is building the online community necessary to market that book effectively, years in advance of its publication.

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