My name is Claire Grady-Smith, and I am a Marketing Professional with an Art degree and a Masters in Cultural Studies from Queen’s University.

After completing a Masters in 2012, I went straight into the world of web development and graphic design. After a few successful years, I realized I was starting to re-brand my clients and develop business strategies simply because I enjoyed it. I was adding logos to website contracts for free to my clients! I soon realized the value of my ideas, and have been a marketing strategist for three years.

I still offers design and digital services when needed. My passion is very simple: I loves to see her clients build a thriving business. Good design, consistent branding and excellent content are the key ingredients for a successful business practice and I have helped close to 100 small to mid-level businesses blast through their upper earning limits with my guidance.

In 2020, I started working with the Leaders Publishing Worldwide community of Business Coaches. The LPW system offers training programs that have been tested and proven by thousands of coaches worldwide. The basis of the learning system is to improve lead generation and conversion rates through a systematic approach to advertising, and introducing cross-sell/up-sell strategies, among many other tactics. Their system works, and enables me to help more people at different levels of income, from e-books to full coaching programs.

Find out more about the LPW Coaching system by clicking HERE.