I don’t actually work in Marketing. I work in Dreamland. Small business owners are my favourite people, because they operate in Dreamland too!

“What can I do next? How can I grow this? How do I do all this in a better way?”

Small business owners want to learn and grow. They are starting at a place of openness and discovery. I spend my days discussing strategies with excited, optimistic business owners who have goals that I can relate to. Goals such as sending their kids to University. Purchasing a house for their growing family. Hiring family members who are out of work.

The stories I hear about why Small Business owners wish to increase their revenue are the stories that keep me focused on helping. Their dreams are my dreams, and when they start to see more sales rolling in, their wins are my wins too.

I don’t have an MBA. I have learned my strategies by working in the trenches alongside Small Business owners, and by reading about trends and strategies voraciously. After 10 Years doing what I do, I know how to actually help — the work I do is not theoretical, learned from a textbook.

I am intensely creative. Content Marketing and Visual Branding are my specialties. Visual Art degree from the University of Guelph and a Masters in Cultural Studies from Queen’s University have given me the ability to create, research and think differently from other Marketers

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