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I have a Studio Art degree & a MA in Cultural Studies, which give me a unique approach to freelancing:

Graphic Design

I am proficient in full Adobe Creative Suite: InDesign for publication design, Photoshop for image manipulation, and Illustrator for almost everything.

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Cultural Studies is the study of human behaviour and cultural perception. The practical application of this is, quite often, excellent marketing.

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I have designed books and provided authors with the research they need to complete their projects. I have also been a photo editor on two projects to date.


I founded an electronic music festival in Kingston, ON. A significant portion of my time goes to programming, marketing and grant writing.

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My Credo:

No matter where you live, I will treat you like a neighbour.

The "global village" in which we supposedly live is given lip service every day, but do we actually treat each other accordingly? I strive to treat every client like my next-door neighbour. I care about your project and I will go that extra mile to make sure you are happy with the results of working with me. In the past seven years, I have learned that providing deliverables in a timely and thorough fashion is only part of the job: you have to create an enjoyable atmosphere while you do it. That is why my clients come back to me year after year.

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