Multiple levels of engagement.

Below are three ways to engage my services, from an online e-course to a complete personalized overhaul of your marketing.

Take The Course

Follow the program I call the "Secret Marketing Recipe" you can learn what the biggest and most profitable companies already know, for less than $100 per month.

Online Coaching

If you are enrolled in the weekly e-course "Secret Marketing Recipe," work one on one with me so I can unpack how each steps applies to your exact business.

Put Me To Work

If you wish to simply hand over the reigns and let a professional revamp your logo design, website, and marketing strategies, this option is for you.

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What clients say

I have worked with hundreds of clients over the past 8 years. Here are a few comments about my work.
Mayor Bryan Paterson

Mayor Bryan Paterson

City of Kingston

Claire did an amazing job on my website, and with it, she was able to "rebrand" me in a sense! It is important to me that my community knows I am approachable and accessible, and somehow Claire managed to create a website that shows this visually and with her content suggestions. My staff and I were very impressed with what she was able to put together, and I'm thrilled that Claire is working with us on a new new project now. I have really appreciated Claire's ideas, input and creativity along the way!

Teshia Mehar

Teshia Mehar

Nutritionist and Master Yogi

“I hired Claire to help me with all things marketing and promo and I was more than happy to discover that this gal can truly do it all! She was efficient, professional, and full of great ideas for how I could expand and grow my business / dreams. Claire is also a fantastic communicator and so, she's easy to work with! NO drama!”

Michel Pharand

Michel Pharand

Writer and Editor

"I just received an email from one of my own clients, saying that my one-year-old website was found by googling "Professional editing services + Ontario" and was on the first page of Google! The client also said, "I clicked a few others beforehand, but quickly moved along as I wasn't impressed. Your website was easy to use and it aesthetically pleasing and modern." I am so glad I hired Claire to do my site!"

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Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

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