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Catalogue Essay for Modern Fuel

  Published in Syphon (2013), for Modern Fuel Artist-Run-Centre In Jacques Lacan’s seminal essay, “The Mirror Stage”, there is reference to an experimental biological practice in which researchers, to incite a female pigeon to develop the gonad necessary for procreation, will introduce one to its own image in a mirrored surface. Pigeons, and locusts, cannot Read more about Catalogue Essay for Modern Fuel[…]

Sugar: It’s Not Sex, It’s Security

It never occurred to me, when I was pregnant, that I would one day have to taste my own breastmilk. See, you need to pump and store milk for your baby so that you can have a life: attend the festival you produced, for example, or make it to client meetings. To test whether or Read more about Sugar: It’s Not Sex, It’s Security[…]