Social media is any space where you can have a dialogue with your audience. The key point here is that you need to have that dialogue! If you are posting once or twice a week about what you are up to with your business, you are probably not reaching the numbers you want to reach, or creating a lasting impression. People want to love your brand, so create content that they will respond to positively!

Examples Of Engaging Content:

    • blog posts or articles that you read that pertain to your business
    • screenshots of supportive conversations amongst your fans
    • pets or babies! — anything that will hit that cuteness factor
    • videos of funny moments that took place with your staff
    • surveys or polls, and then posting the results
    • original writing: thoughts, observations, moments of gratitude, even short stories!

social media - claire grady-smith

Samples Of My Work

I am known for having a wealth of creative ideas. If you would like to see any of these in operation, check out one of the three social media accounts that I currently manage:

Electric Circuits Festival of Electronic Music and Digital Art

Pig & Olive Premium Meats

CGS Marketing

social media - claire grady-smith