I have completed a variety of contracts related to book publishing, ranging from design and illustration to research to marketing. I have worked for Figure 1 Publishing, Wintergreen Studios Press, and Oxford University Press. I would love to continue working with authors to bring their books to life.

publishing: researchResearch

I have provided authors with research material for two books so far. One is They Desire A Better Country: 50 Years Of The Order Of Canada. The second is forthcoming. My research is mainly conducted online, although following a lead might bring me to the regional or a University library and archives. In rare cases, I conduct phone interviews with subjects, who tell me of resources that otherwise would have been buried or obscured.

publishing: book designBook Design

Published in November 2017, Camino is a book I designed, marketed and provided photo editing services for. The design of Camino was a collaborative process, involving the editor Rena Upitis, the author Peter Coffman, and the author’s partner, Diane Laundy. This book of photographs and text includes an original font, created from the author’s own handwriting.

publishing: illustrationIllustration

In addition to book design, I have created original works, as in the case of Prayers For Women Who Can’t Pray. I’ve also worked on the illustrations for a forthcoming book by Oxford University Press. In this case, OUP editors contacted the author about reprinting a book that was originally published in the 1980s. There were no digital files for the book, so I was contracted to trace and recreate approximately 100 illustrations.

Publishing: Photo editingPhoto Editing

I have been the photo editor of two publications to date. The first was the aforementioned They Desire A Better Country: 50 Years Of The Order Of Canada. For this book I gathered images of each of the 50 profiled recipients for the book’s designer. I then tracked down permissions for each photo for use in the manuscript. The second job was more curatorial. For Camino, I reviewed all the images for the book and made suggestions for text and photo placement.

publishing: book promoBook Promo and Sales

I have worked with a total of six authors so far on promotion for their books. Promotion includes creating or updating a website, building a landing page to facilitate book sales, creating an automated digital marketing strategy (using an app to generate an email list and sending automated emails). These jobs also involved creating posters, book announcements, e-blasts, social media campaigns, and setting up book launches.


I am available on a contractual basis for any and all projects which require the above skills. Please contact me today to discuss your project and goals.