In my opinion, every business needs to think about the following areas of focus for their marketing:


This category has to do with acquiring new clients. I do not believe in simply obtaining vanity metrics such as “Likes” or “Follows” (which come naturally as part of good marketing). I always advise my clients to be more concerned with building leads, which are people who have opted in to receiving content from you. These leads have opted in by providing you with their email address, or by joining a Facebook group.

The types of actions that fall under this category include; acquiring emails (in-store or online) for a newsletter; obtaining emails in exchange for a free PDF download; growing a membership base and providing exclusive content to that base; or simply growing a Facebook Group.


Often this is where businesses will concentrate their energy. Remember, you cannot repeatedly ask your audience to buy things and expect that they will be happy to hear from you! Every few days, you can remind your audience that you have various items for sale, but if this is your main focus, you will lose the interest of the very people you are trying to engage.

The types of actions that fall under this category include; a product you have that will solve a particular problem; new and innovative products that you carry; the history of a certain product or service you developed; discounts and sales that you would get if you opted in to a newsletter or membership.


This is the fun stuff! This is where you get to focus even more narrowly on the needs and problems of your audience and receive feedback from them. You should be segmenting your audience and figuring out how to engage each segment. You need to figure out how to dialogue your audience, so you know who they are, what they need, and why they need it.

The types of actions that fall under this category include; daily engagement posts in a Facebook Group; an influencer creating regular Youtube videos about their life behind-the-scenes; live Q&A with a guest expert or an influencer; interesting blog posts that contribute to their understanding of a topic; polls or questions or surveys with prizes; profiles of other members/clients; gifts, giveaways, contests, and other rewards for your clients’ continued engagement.

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