Current research shows that the return on investment (ROI) on email campaigns, when done properly, is almost 4000%. Your email list is your warmest audience out there. These are people who have opted in to hear more about your business and your products. There is simply no other marketing platform that comes close to this kind of payback.


Of course, you need to be sending emails that your customers want to receive. Make sure you are solving problems for your customers. Emails that contain examples of your new blog posts, exclusive discounts, stories from your influencer, behind-the-scenes videos, or password protected recipe pages are just some good ideas. You want to be regularly sending custom content that your audience cannot get anywhere else. You also want to be posting about what you are sending via email on your social media, with a link to your email signup page!

Remember to always include a call to action in your emails. Buttons that allow customers to “click to buy” or “go to video,” for example, are key if you want to hit that high ROI.

I have written hundreds of newsletters for a diverse range of clients—from farmers’ markets to international corporations. My emails get opened. They have made hundreds of thousands of dollars for my clients.

Automatic Emails

A more advanced stage of email marketing is a series of emails that will introduce new subscribers to your brand. If you are in the health and wellness industries, or run workshops or retreats, deliver content that proves you know what you are talking about.

Let me briefly explain how this works, and why it is valuable. Basically, a client will sign up for free content from you. This could be an online course, for example, where they receive an email every day that delivers their daily lesson. Some companies provide 30 days of free emails, or an email every week for the 9 months of your pregnancy. This kind of campaign is extremely powerful in terms of establishing a relationship with your audience and guiding them through some kind of life event or personal problem.

I have the capacity to build landing pages and generate automated email campaigns. I have the writing ability to reach the hearts and minds of your prospective clients.