The Big Three, Or: What Everybody Wants

  • Claire 
Ah yes, the spectre of the Big Three. The great thing about having a blog is that you can write about topics that have been subtexts in meetings, but are rarely explicitly discussed. The hope is that another freelancer will read this and better understand their clients’ hesitation or even conflict. I suppose the greater hope is that anyone about to hire a freelancer will read this and have a… Read More »The Big Three, Or: What Everybody Wants

Catalogue Essay for Modern Fuel

  • Claire 
  Published in Syphon (2013), for Modern Fuel Artist-Run-Centre In Jacques Lacan’s seminal essay, “The Mirror Stage”, there is reference to an experimental biological practice in which researchers, to incite a female pigeon to develop the gonad necessary for procreation, will introduce one to its own image in a mirrored surface. Pigeons, and locusts, cannot recognize another of their own species until this gonad has reached maturation, and placing a… Read More »Catalogue Essay for Modern Fuel

Sugar: It’s Not Sex, It’s Security

  • Claire 
It never occurred to me, when I was pregnant, that I would one day have to taste my own breastmilk. See, you need to pump and store milk for your baby so that you can have a life: attend the festival you produced, for example, or make it to client meetings. To test whether or not the stored milk is still good, you need to taste it. If it’s sweet,… Read More »Sugar: It’s Not Sex, It’s Security